Monday, March 28, 2011

Something old, something new

 One of the hardest adjustments to living in Munich has actually been finding clothes that are nice and reasonably priced. Back in the States I would always head to my favorite thrift stores to find great deals, but here it seems like the only second hand shops around carry designer merchandise that's way above my price limit. So the local flea markets have become my favorite shopping destination. The things are almost all vintage or second hand, but I prefer it that way.. the clothes are more unique and everything has a story behind it. Besides, there's something fun about waking up really early on a Saturday morning to get first pick on everything. Can't wait to present some of these new finds on Lookbook:
 1. various jewelry from different flea markets
2. white lace blouse from a flea market (1 euro), the other two from a vintage shop
3. bows! earrings from kaufhof, brooch from a flea market, ring bijou brigitte
4. silk scarves 1, 2, 3, and 5 from a market in paris (all 1 euro), 4 is vintage from my grandmother
5. mustard tights from pimkie, textured tights and plum tights from different flea markets, grey brogues from goertz 17,  green flats from a market, black lace ups from h&m

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  1. I have very similary gold watch and shoes and tights. xD