Friday, April 1, 2011


 Everyone knows about Munich's Oktoberfest, but not a lot of people know about Starkbierfest, which runs during the time of lent. It started in the 1700s when monks started brewing this strong beer in order to survive the 40 days of lent. The beer packs a higher percentage of alcohol and more calories than other beer, so everyone leaves the festival satisfied at the end of the night. There are lots of different breweries that celebrate Starkbierfest, but the biggest festival (and the one we went to) was at Paulaner am Nockherberg. The atmosphere is about that of Oktoberfest (minus the hords of tourists) with traditional German folk songs, singing, and dancing on tables. I can't wait to go back this week!


  1. That looks like a one fun fest :) How colorful! Loving your photography already, have a nice weekend!


  2. such amazing photography xxx really divine and you are truly talented. Thank you for the lovely comment. I am following you xxx